NanoVit consists of nano-particles designed for use in lubrication applications. It is a unique particle which is the product of many years of research. The particle is designed to lower friction inside the engine, protect against wear in side the engine and enhance lubricating properties. Thus it reduces the fuel consumption by the engine and reduces the Co2, Co and other dangerous gases in the exhaust 3 to 8 times.
NanoVit is the product of innovative nano-technology research for surface coatings and lubrication.

NanoVit coats metal surfaces under pressure, creating a new surface layer that:
• Reduces Wear & Repairs Surfaces
• Lowers Friction & Operational Temperature
• Protects Oil & Improves Viscosity
• Strongly Bonds to the surface
Which gives
• Improved engine performance
• Safe and thorough engine cleaning
• Longer oil life and better lubrication
• Lower emissions & engine noise
• fuel savings not less than 15%