• Oil and lubricant system in combustion engines and transmissions of all kinds. For example: in passenger cars, trucks, stationary engines (generators, gas engines, etc), ships, trains and railways, building and agricultural machinery.
  •  On all machine parts from metal, metal alloys and metallic-ceramics, which are lubricated with synthetic lubricant, oil and grease, and also in dry lubrication  Or Non conditions.
  • Generally as oil additive (for example: in mechanical engineering, vehicle manufacture, ships, energy installations, agricultural machinery, lifting machines, mining industry machinery, rolling mills, transmissions, ball bearings, gasoline/diesel engines, hydraulics, electric motors, compressors, tractors.)
  • Extreme pressure lubricant formulations.


The Future of Lubricants 1

New applications by the use of NanoVit® 

The Future of Lubricants 2

The application of NanoVit® in hydraulic-oils 

The Future of Lubricants 3

The application of NanoVit® in greases and pastes

The Future of Lubricants 4

How does NanoVit® works in gearboxes?

The Future of Lubricants 5

The reduction of pollutants in emissions by the use of NanoVit®

The Future of Lubricants 6

The application of NanoVit® in wind turbines

The Future of Lubricants 7

The effect of NanoVit® under difficult operation conditions