NanoVit consists of 3 individually activated components, that combine to form a coating on metal component and engine surfaces under pressure. The coat protects against wear, has a very low friction coefficient and is very long lasting. This means better performance, greater efficiency and longer component and engine lifetime.

Additionally, the layer effectively repairs worn and scuffed surfaces to their optimal geometry. This has the result of restoring power in older engines and improving worn component performance.

Nanovit has been tested in long-term practical industrial trials and won awards for innovation. Engine tests have shown significant improvements in power, developing engine output faster at lower rpm, and improving peak power output. Wear tests have shown very significant decrease in rates of wear and a cleaning and rebuilding effect on worn surfaces.

Laboratory tests and Case studies performed by TÜV Germany, academic institutions and industry have independently demonstrated conclusively that Nanovit does reduce friction, protect lubricant structure and minimize wear and abrasion of moving parts, even under dry running, when the lack of a continuous lubricant film can normally cause seizing or welding of moving parts.

TUV demonstrated that NanoVit will clean the engine, improve the viscosity of the lubricant and increase its lifetime, improve emissions profiles, regenerate defective spots on friction surfaces, reduce noise and vibration and protect against wear even when the oil film breaks.

Once treated, NanoVit continues to have an effect after lubricant changes. It is certified to 150,000Km for Motorbikes and Cars, 200,000Km for Trucks, 3 years/15,000 working hours for ships. Once treated, NanoVit continues to have an effect after lubricant changes.

Raw NanoVit material is straightforward to use, it can be mixed with any oil product and delivered onto metallic surfaces in contact with the lubricant. Once at the boundary the material reacts with the metallic surface under normal operating conditions to form a nano-scale coat.

NanoVit has no influence on the formulations or recipes of lubricants and forms no rigid layers. There is no sulphur, phosphorus or zinc present – unlike conventional anti-wear additives.

Nanovit is effective at concentrations as low as 10 parts per million and at temperatures up to 1200° C.